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Apr 26, 2018

Love Alchemist Mia Saenz shares with host Janie Terrazas the wide range of trauma she faced throughout her childhood which led to a major breakdown and breakthrough.

From an abusive mother, to suffering sexual abuse at the age of six, and her father dying at a young age...she's overcome it all. She even endured an...

Apr 25, 2018

Raising children is hard.

And since it doesn’t come with an instruction book, we could all use a little help and support along the way.

In this episode of Living Serendipitously, host Lynn Reilly shares some simple advice on how to make living with joy a little easier for kids and the grownups who are teaching...

Apr 12, 2018

"I felt shock, betrayal, embarrassment, shame, and felt like a horrible mother." ~Mandy Lynn Lara

On The Sacral Circle, Mandy Lynn bravely opens up about her sexual trauma, her family's long standing history of sexual abuse, and the moment she discovered her daughter was being sexually molested under her own roof.


Apr 11, 2018

Do you have areas in your life that don't seem to making any progress?

You feel like you know something has to change, but not sure where to start?

In this episode of Living Serendipitously, Lynn Reilly talks about a simple technique to start moving you in a direction you want to be in. When you change the energy, the...