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Oct 13, 2016

Getting healthy doesn’t have to be extremely complicated, drawn-out, confusing, conflicting, miserable, expensive, or a bad tasting experience! In fact, it is exactly the opposite. Find out how with host Pamella Horton as she talks with health solution warrior, Maria Whalen.  Maria created the Invincible Wellness System and the Intentional Network to formulate a one stop resource in order to create simplicity and clarity in the alternative medicine world.  She has accumulated an insurmountable amount of information during her in-depth journey to health over the past 15 years. 

As you can imagine, during this time she put many theories, programs, diets, supplements, fads, and foods to the test, experiencing first hand what will rock your world and what is all talk.  Her mission is to empower you to become your own health success story.  Maria provides resources and educational tools you need to master your own health and get out of the rat race of westernized medicine.  She is sincerely passionate about changing lives, healing people, and empowering health warriors to impact the world.