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Nov 30, 2017

Coming alive is all about stepping onto the passion path.” ~Rebecka Eggers

In part 2 of Healing Shame and Objectification of Our Past, Present, and Future with guest Rebecka Eggers we dive more into her book Coming Alive! Spirituality, Activism, & Living Passionately in the Age of Global Domination,...

Nov 23, 2017

“The evil of abuse stops at my back. I will not transmit it. Not on my watch. Not my daughter. She will walk free of it!” ~Rebecka Eggers

A powerful episode of The Sacral Circle with host Janie Terrazas on healing shame and objectification of our past, present, and future. Rebecka Eggers courageously shares the...

Nov 22, 2017

Are you ready to shake up your energy? Get out of a funk? Add more fun to your life?

In this episode of Living Serendipitously, Lynn Reilly shares the mental, emotional and energetic impact of creating a joy list and doing what feels good for you. 

Start generating your own ideas as you hear her story of what the...

Nov 21, 2017

Grief is an inevitable part of the human experience.

What would you do if you lost your spouse? What do you say to someone who is grieving?

On this episode of The Forgiveness Solution, your host Reverend Misty Tyme interviews Laurie Luke.

Laurie shares how she was lucky in love and unlucky in death and what we can do...

Nov 20, 2017

If you could see yourself as I see you, you would know that you are PURE JOY!
Peach Solar Color Energy

In this timely message in the Season of Light, the Peach Solar Color Energy reveals that we all have a divine purpose in life that brings us Pure Joy. In this inspirational conversation with Helen Heinmiller, the...