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Aug 21, 2018

Are you a sensitive?

Learn about sensitives and why it’s so important for highly and ultrasensitive people to be empowered with knowledge and tools to work with energy to keep themselves healthy, grounded, and feeling good. Discover how to identify sensitive reactions to toxic energy so that you can do something about them rather than be hurt or misjudged. Dr. Janice shares the key for sensitives to be able to thrive on Earth and shares encouraging messages for taking back your power.

Dr. Janice Carlin shares life changing information for empaths in her incredible online course Masterful Empath at Sacred U. Click Masterful Empath to experience the first module for free!

Learn more with Dr. Carlin’s book Empathic Sensitivity where you will discover that your ability to feel so much is truly a gift that you can use to your advantage in your life to help yourself and others if you so choose. Learn ways to stop the cycles of pain that you experience and to move into a more gentle and honoring way of living. Available from Sacred Stories Publishing, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and booksellers worldwide.

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