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Apr 12, 2018

"I felt shock, betrayal, embarrassment, shame, and felt like a horrible mother." ~Mandy Lynn Lara

On The Sacral Circle, Mandy Lynn bravely opens up about her sexual trauma, her family's long standing history of sexual abuse, and the moment she discovered her daughter was being sexually molested under her own roof.

She's now on a mission to help others become more aware of the signs to look for, and she's inspiring people to heal the wounds left behind, so they can reclaim their self-esteem.

Host Janie Terrazas and Mandy Lynn also discuss, Raise the Whisper an organization which uses the arts to heal those impacted by sexual abuse. Mandy Lynn uses her poetry to empower and encourage others to break the silence. ​

Mandy Lynn is a country girl from Bossier City, Louisiana who has written short stories and poetry since she was knee high to a grasshopper. However, she did not share her words publicly until joining Jazz Poets of San Antonio in June, 2016. She believes God’s plan for her life is to provoke raw human emotion and inspire others to do the same. She currently co-facilitates Raise the Whisper, a poetry and arts group focused on healing the effects of family rape. She is a member of the 2018 PuroSlam poetry team representing San Antonio in Nationals this August. Connect with her through social media @mandylynnlara

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