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Feb 28, 2019

“I was groomed to think that I had seduced my perpetrator and I was only 5.”

On this episode, Veronica Villegas opens up for the first time about her sexual, mental and emotional abuse she endured over the course of 12 years as a child. She shares the uphill battle she faced as she struggled finding the family support she needed after finally speaking out. We discuss the chaotic aftermath. and the various healing modalities she still uses to manage the long-term effects Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder left behind on her MIND and BODY. Aside from her innocence and sense of safety being taken, she also endured additional psychological abuse after being adopted at the age of 10. Not having mentally and emotionally stable caregivers at a young age, only added to the layers of healing she now works through as an adult. “Healing is a process…you do the best you can each day.” She credits a lot of her progress to her supportive husband. “He’s been my angel.”

Veronica Villegas, M.A, M.Ed, LPC-Intern has worked in the social services field in various capacities for the past 14 years. She currently works as a Family Specialist for the Northeast Independent School District in San Antonio, TX. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, a Masters in Guidance and Counseling and a Masters in Special Education. She’s also a Reiki Master Practitioner and is currently applying to a Doctoral program that combines psychology and integrative healing. “I hope to integrate my personal and educational, as well as professional experience to help others embark on their own journey of healing.”


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