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Nov 22, 2016

Find your connection.  Scanning For Signal is our outstretched hand to you. The latest book by Sacred Stories Publishing is a best seller as it welcomes young seekers - seekers of connection, seekers of spirit, seekers of knowledge and experience. It explores questions and emotions that are most prevalent, and often most troublesome, to this awakening generation. The feelings shared in Scanning For Signal are no doubt felt by many young people, but too often they experience them alone.

This book is the collaborative effort of four diverse authors and is a collection of their personal writings, consisting of spiritual and inspirational prose and poetry. Scanning for Signal is geared towards youth and millennials, yet readers of all ages will recognize the worth and wisdom of the words within.

Listen as the authors of Scanning For Signal share their thoughts, feelings, and read their favorite muses.  Scanning For Signal is available through Sacred Stories Publishing, Amazon, and all major e-tailers.

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