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Aug 29, 2019

You are a ripple in the universe, creating each moment for better or worse – Dee Delaney

The path of unity and peace is created when we bring all aspects of our being into balance. In this 6th episode author Dee Delaney and host Jo Youle explore the blueprint for life and discuss how to reclaim and integrate all 12 aspects of the Self, by retrieving the archetypal energies that belong to us all.

This is The Truth Within and you are exactly where you are supposed to be.

Dee Delaney is a yogi and author of her trilogy of books: Book 1 The Truth: My Journey to the Other Side - takes the reader into the feeling heart, where the true self resides. Book 2 The Truth: Is the Art of Being - is a journey through the death realms and teaches the reader how to tame the thinking mind. Book 3 The Truth: Within the Heart of Love - is the story of union between heart and mind, and brings the reader into the heart of love.

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In book 1 The Truth: My Journey to the Other Side Dee shares her story of losing three partners and the grief that brought her to a fishing village in Goa, India.

In book 2 The Truth: Is the Art of Being it seems that death is following Dee with the brutal murder of a young backpacker in Goa. This tragic event encourages Dee to begin her deep exploration into the art of dying through ancient spiritual teachings of the East and West.

Dee's story continues in book 3 The Truth: Within the Heart of Love as Dee dives deep into the teachings of the Goddess and into the union of the heart and mind.

Dee’s three books The Truth My Journey to the Other Side, The Truth Is the Art of Being, and The Truth Within the Heart of Love are available from Amazon and all major booksellers worldwide.

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